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About Us

Message from the CEO

Josh Snyder

CEO of The Niva Labs

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in The Niva Labs. We formed our company for 2 main reasons:


1) To provide high quality testing for consumer and patient safety and

2) To serve the unmet research needs of the industry. We believe that research is key to the future of recreational and medicinal cannabis.   


We are here as a resource and partner to anyone needing product testing or help with problem solving, product development, or research. We want to have long-term collaborative relationships and help you succeed. This industry is complex and evolving quickly, and we are here to support the many needs you may have beyond standard testing. Our team enjoys new challenges. As scientists, our mindset is always to learn more.  

We take a long-term view to everything we do. We take no shortcuts. We do not provide any service or testing result that we don’t have confidence in. Trust is the key to any relationship, and we would like to earn yours. The team and I look forward to talking with you, understanding your goals and needs, and working together. 



Josh Snyder

The Niva Labs Values


We validated our methods before testing to ensure that our results are accurate.


We report the truth.


We make new discoveries to advance the science and medicine of cannabis.


We dig deeper to understand “ Why?”.


We treat our clients as partners, accomplishing objectives together.


We work to contribute to the growth and evolution of the industry.

Our Team

Josh Snyder, CEO

Josh is a biochemist with over 20 years of experience in cancer drug development, analytical chemistry, drug metabolism, and research. Josh has numerous peer reviewed publications and patents and completed an in-house corporate Ph.D equivalent thesis at Agensys. His vision for the company is to make important discoveries in cannabis science which can be directly applied to create better therapies.

Kristofer Marsh, PhD

Dr. Kristofer Marsh began his career in the cannabis testing industry in 2017 in Berkeley, CA. In his role as Lab Director, Kris oversees daily laboratory operations, ensuring that client testing items are prepared, analyzed, and reported accurately and efficiently, and holds the laboratory to the highest quality standards. Kris also regularly attends conferences and networking events, including being a speaker at the 2020 Emerald Conference in San Diego. He has also been invited as a guest on several podcasts. Prior to joining Niva Kris earned his Ph.D. in Materials Chemistry from UCLA.

Nobumitsu Sakai, PhD

Nobumitsu graduated Ph.D in environmental engineering from Kyoto University and worked at University of Malaya studying environmental pollution, watershed science, environmental/health risks, and environmental sustainability. His research at Cornell University was focused on hydraulic fracturing wastewater treatment and toxicology.

Noah Kaplan

Noah is a biologist with a background in plant genetics, plant tissue culture, pharmaceutical compound discovery, and cannabis extraction. Noah draws upon his experience characterizing plant genes, extracting novel antibiotics, and culturing microbes. Prior to his scientific work, Noah helped build political organizations in Florida and New Mexico.  He has a master’s degree in plant molecular biology from Florida Atlantic University

Maia Mrkvicka

Maia studied chemistry at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has 10 years of experience in QA and QC in the nutraceutical industry, and worked as an FDA contractor for the Center of Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. Notable projects include arsenic speciation in rice and chemical migration under different packaging methods. Her specializations include elemental analysis via ICP-MS and process efficiency (LEAN/5S).

Christine Fukami

Chris earned her Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry from Colorado State University. Her background is in environmental research involving air, soil and water and making microfluidic devices for cancer research She does analytical method development, testing, and cannabis research projects.

Our Misson

To be a true partner for our clients by providing accurate and reliable testing, problem solving, and scientific support – with the end goal of developing quality consumer products and the next generation of cannabis medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view my testing results?

When your Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is ready to view you will receive an email notification from Confident Cannabis with a link to your results.

Click here to go to your Confident Cannabis login page.


What is your turnaround time?

Average turnaround time is 3-4 days for Compliance testing and 2 days for R&D. Contact us at info@thenivalabs.con for expedited testing options.


What kinds of research do you do?

We have standard research services including stability studies, shelf-life studies, and bioavailability. We also offer custom research studies to support patent filings, determine bioavailability, PK/PD studies, and more.